2 – 32 oz containers low sodium, organic beef broth
2 Cups brown rice
3 Pounds ground beef (Organic, grass fed if can afford)
2 Packages bovine liver (in frozen section)
½ Pound chopped string beans
2-3 Large carrots finely chopped
5-6 Scoops Standard Process Canine Whole Body Support https://www.standardprocess.com/Products/Veterinary-Formulas/Canine-Whole-Body-Support#.Xefr8-hKiso
8-10 Standard Process Tuna Oil Pearls

Pour low sodium, organic beef broth into a large pot, place on medium heat, add rice and stir. Bring to simmer, reduce heat to low and cover with lid until rice is cooked.

While rice is cooking, cut liver into cubes. Dice carrots and beans into small uniform pieces. When rice is finished, increase heat to high and add in ground beef and liver a little at a time, stirring to incorporate. When all meat is added and mixed well repeat with vegetables. Reduce heat to low, replace cover and stir occasionally until meat is browning. Turn off heat and leave covered. Continue stirring occasionally to uniformly reduce heat of the dog food. Once the temperature is slightly warmer than body temperature stir in Standard Process Canine Whole Body Support and Standard Process Tuna Oil Pearls.

This food is very perishable. Portion out the food into freezer containers. Put one in the refrigerator and the other 2-3 in freezer. As you run low on refrigerator supply, place one of the freezer containers in the fridge.

This is very nourishing. If your dog has hot spots, allergies, ear problems and other signs of malnutrition this should reduce and help correct over time.

Standard Process Canine Whole Body Support, Tuna Oil Pearls and other nutritional products are available at Dr. Tereo’s office and of course there is a reduced price structure for patients.