This section of the Tereo Chiropractic Website is devoted to the local artist.  We proudly display work from several local artists.  The work varies from photography to quilting.  There are so many talented people in the Tri-cities and their creative endeavours enrich all our lives.  Please feel free to drop by the office just to view the work.  The following are artists currently displaying work at Tereo Chiropractic located at 6287 Jarvis Avenue, Newark, California.

Douglas Parker

Adrian Litman

Adrian Litman Art & Design
6234-A Joaquin Murieta Ave.
Newark, CA 94560

Born in Romania in 1948, I started to learn about art at a very early age, playing with colors and art materials in my father’s Art Design and Restoration studio.

In 1963 I was accepted in the Fine Arts High School, “N. Tonitza” in Bucharest, Romania where I studied various art techniques including drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving, graphics, murals, mosaics and ceramics. After graduating from the Fine Art High School, I attended the University of Bucharest Art Institute, “N. Grigorescu”, graduating in 1974 with a Master’s degree in Graphic Arts and Design.

Since 1980, after relocating to California,      I worked as a Graphic Designer and  Art Director in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area until 2003 when I retired from the corporate world and started Adrian Litman Architectural Art & Design studio.

My art services include complete color and interior design coordination for residences and businesses, custom paintings, murals, mosaics, ceramics, stained glass panels sculptures, fountains and wall treatments.

Many of my projects integrate acoustical components made of recycled materials in the art pieces and decorative designs especially for public places with high traffic, like libraries, restaurants, hospitals, large offices and public buildings.

A high priority in my artistic activities is the use of recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials made in the USA.

Maria Holdsworth,

Fremont, California
Born and raised in Miami Florida, Maria now calls California home.  She first became interested in photography aroung the age of ten.  She was given a hand-me-down 110 film camera, but it was enough to get her started in the love for photography.  Her first subject, she recalls was her cousin.

There was a gap of several years before she became active in photography groups or actively photographing towards portfolios, but art was always part of her life in some way; sketching, painting, poetry, an appreciation for music and so on.

While in college Maria needed an art credit and decided to take a B&W photography class.  That was it, previously convinced color photography was her passion, Maria re-discovered photography through black and white film.  “Being in the darkroom, smelling the chemicals, allowing your eyes to adjust to the light and watching your images appear on the paper is the most amazing and indescribable feeling!”

Recently Maria is working towards expanding her artistic technique with a digital camera.  “I held out as long as possible.  It’s time to start using the tools of the century.” We look forward to seeing more of Maria’s work in the future.

Ken Seidman

Cupertino, California

Ken is a native to New York City but moved to Northern California for the scenery and to pursue a career in physics.  Ken is an active landscape photographer.

Ken loads up a backpack with both provisions and photographic equipment and beging his journey.  He has hiked miles up and over mountains, through woods, over barbed-wire fences and dodged an occasional wild animal all in the name of art. Ken has a deep appreciation of nature’s beauty and is fulfilled by the process of being there and creating an image. To view more of Ken’s work go to:

Laura Koehler

Fremont, California

Laura works in mixed media.  This dexterous artist creats soft sculpture vases and quilts.  Laura has been commissioned by private parties, her local church and other organizations to create works of art for display.

Laura’s quilts have been on display at The International Quilt Festival, The Pacific International Quilt Festival, The Art Guild Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, The Olive Hyde Art Gallery in Fremont, CA and the Sun Gallery in Hayward, CA.

Laura was inspired to make her first original quilt in 1989 for a Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild challenge.  One of her quilts was selected for McCall’s Magazine National Tour and two others to tour Europe with the Astra Art Exhibition for the Russian MIR Space Station and the Millennium Quilt contest, sponsored by the InternationalQuilt Festival.


Fremont, California

Ruth studied fine art and photography on the Phillipean Island where she received a BA in Fine Art.  Currently Ruth works in many media; from water colors and conte crayon to photography.  Ruth owned a photography studio for a period of time.  She now works free-lance for local schools and businesses.