Did you know your nails can reveal clues to your overall health? From nail bed discoloration (blueish indicates lung involvement), to capillaries in the cuticles (autoimmune), to yellow, white or banded nails, deficiencies and serious health concerns can often be revealed just by examining the tips of your fingers.

The Healthy Nail

  • Description: Smooth, without ridges or grooves. Pinkish in color. Free of spots and discoloration.

Common Nail Symptoms and Their Potential Health Implications

  • Peeling, Cracked, Split Easily
    • Essential Fatty Acids deficiency. Exposure to chemicals, Anemic tendencies, nutritional deficiencies.
  • Pitted Nails
    • Psoriasis of the nails. Dermatitis. Inflammatory Arthritis.
  • White Spots (rule out trauma)
    • Hormone challenges. Zinc/Ca/Mg deficiencies. Excess dietary sugar. Stress.
  • Nail Fungus
    • Systemic infection. Gut dysbiosis.
  • Vertical Ridges
    • Stress. Iron Deficiencies. Dysbiosis (poor nutrient absorption). Fatty acid deficiency.
  • Small or Missing Lunulas
    • Anemic tendencies. Poor circulation.
  • Nail Separation
    • Fungal infection. Poor circulation. Psoriasis. Hypothyroidism.
  • Hang Nails
    • Dietary inconsistencies. Frequent emotional changes.
  • Clubbed
    • Lung involvement. Toxins. Gall Bladder, Liver insufficiency.
  • Spoon Shaped or Concave
    • Anemic tendencies. Protein deficiency. Iron deficiency.


Don't panic. Even healthy nails have some of these attributes. Nails are a part of the greater picture of health. If you are a patient of Dr. Tereo's and are concerned or curious ask Dr. Tereo to assess and clinically correlate the features found on your nails with other physical signs. If you are a non-patient, simply call us to schedule an examination.

Some Good Things to Know

  • Water and Fats are what make nails pliable and shiny.
  • To harden your nails, up your protein intake.
  • Nails and hair are both made of keratin, just put together in a different way. That means the same nutrients that are good for your hair are good for your nails.

We can help you to create a wellness oriented lifestyle. Simply let us know when you are ready.

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