Why Exercise? The Benefits

“The future is purchased by the present.”

Why Exercise? The Benefits​It has been hypothesized that an idealist believes the short run doesn’t count, a cynic believes the long run doesn’t matter, and a realist believes that what was done or left undone in the short run determines the long run. Paraphrased from a quote by Sidney Harris.

We are what we do or fail to do! A person who lifts weights on a regular basis gets strong; someone who takes a daily run expands the capacity of their heart and lungs; and a person who reads a variety of books develops a sharp mind.

Most people do not like the word “EXERCISE”. It brings back memories of sweat-filled gyms or militaristic calisthenics driven by a naziesque physical education teacher.

The goal of the Better Back Program found on this website is to gradually change the lifestyle of the back pain sufferer. Like the realist in Mr. Harris’ quote, what is done today will determine the future. The program takes a pro-active stance which will enable the reader to actively participate in their rehabilitation with the goal of a healthy future. Aside from potentially eliminating pain many, many good things happen to the human body when exercised on a regular basis.

Many Good Things Happen To Your Body When You Exercise:

Decreased Body Fat
Lowered Cholesterol Level
Decreased Blood Pressure and Pulse
Reduced Stress
Immune System Booster
Diabetes Regulation
Increased Energy Levels
Increased Self-Esteem
Increased Coordination
Increased Endurance
Stronger Bones and Muscles
Increased Heart and Lung Capacity
Release of Endorphins and Enkephalins

Homosapiens (man) have evolved from a harsh environment that required physical strength, endurance, and agility for survival. As man evolved, humankind became more and more sedentary. The human body is designed for movement. Without movement comes deterioration in the form of back pain, obesity, height blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, etc. In other words, the body will break down faster than it was designed to.

Lifestyle can determine the length and quality of a person’s existence. Many chronic diseases afflicting modern man and woman can be linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, and arthritis are among a few.

The reason some people don’t recognize opportunity is because it often comes disguised as hard work. A person who performs a moderate fitness program on a regular basis will enjoy a lowered percentage of body fat, decreased cholesterol levels, and a slower more efficient heart beat — leading to a lowered pulse rate and blood pressure. Additionally, the person who exercises will experience an increase in the lung’s capacity to oxygenate the body, a more resilient vascular system, increased strength and flexibility to the joints and muscles, stronger bones, an increased sense of well-being from reduced stress, more restful sleep, and an enhanced immune system. As can be seen, there are many benefits to keeping the body fit and aside from an occasional sweat, no downside.

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